Many different connectors serve different purposes in the X-Microwave System. This quick reference provides a summary of each connector part number, where it is used, and it’s maximum frequency.

X-Microwave PNClamp-on
(PCB Only)
Prototyping PlateHousing / ModuleDescriptionMax Frequency
XM-EL1-SMAFGoodSMA End Launch27 GHz
XM-EL1-240FGood2.40mm End Launch50 GHz
XM-PB1-292FBest2.92mm X-Mwprobe40 GHz
XM-PB1-185FBest1.85mm X-Mwprobe67 GHz
XM-PB4-SMAGoodSMA Surface Mount on PCB12 GHz
XM-PB5-MMPX-01GoodMMPX Surface Mount on PCB40 GHz
XM-PB6-SMPM-01GoodSMPM Surface Mount on PCB30 GHz
XM-PB7-SMP-02GoodSMP Surface Mount on PCB20 GHz
XM-SMA-F-2H-0.5-01BestSMA Field Service Connector27 GHz
XM-292-F-2H-0.5-01Best2.92mm Field Service Connector 40 GHz
XM-240-F-2H-0.5-01Best2.4 mm Field Service Connector50 GHz
XM-185-F-2H-0.5-01Best1.85mm Field Service Connector67 GHz