X-Microwave blocks are ideal platform for component evaluation, rapid prototyping, and building production grade integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs).

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Design “On The Grid”

Modular X-MWblocks allow you to rapidly build integrated assemblies on the prototyping plate using the gsg jumper, solder-less interconnect, complete with regulated and sequenced bias controllers to build a fully working prototoype. Add walls, lids, and shields to evaluate how cavity effects impact the design.

Once you’re happy with the performance, share the design with X-Microwave and we’ll work with you to place it in one of our standard housings or on a custom enclosure solution.

Design Integration

IMA Integrated Microwave Assembly

Bringing “the Grid” into a housing allows you to design with modular blocks for production applications. We act as an extension of your engineering team and drafting department, collaborating with you to miniaturize blocks as needed ‘on-the-grid’.

The gsg jumper solder-less interconnect and and spring-pin based control board approach have been proven in production applications. For increased ruggedness provisions for replacing spring pins with soldered wire is also available.

For volume applications the modular X-MWblocks can be integrated into a single PCB by combining GERBER files. Once integrated they can be mass produced using traditional fabrication methods with reduced risk due to the large amount of design reuse.

Design, Assembly and Test Services

Design, Assembly and Test Services Production Assembly

Our goal is maximizing your success. We can support you through the entire design and integration process from a rough set of design goals, throughout the design process, to the volume production of IMAs. We offer design, assembly, and provide test data, producing connectorized modules to 80 GHz and climbing.

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