Rugged 3U Open VPX Card Assembly Quantic X-Microwave

OpenVPX and SOSA-Aligned VPX Card Assemblies

X-Microwave has developed 3U and 6U OpenVPX card assemblies leveraging our proven Modular Platform for quick turn Prototypes and Production IMAs. We offer the ability to integrate complex customer specified RF & Microwave signal chains that interface with other VPX RF and Control cards through a common backplane to realize complete systems typically for Aerospace & Defense applications.

Rugged 3U OpenVPX Card Assembly

Designed for operation in harsh dynamic environments. The card is secured using wedge locks which provides an excellent path for conduction cooling. Built to survive high shock and vibration as well as wide operating temperature ranges.

Double Sided for Dense Circuit Integration

X-Microwave’s 3U OpenVPX card design offers a clamshell of two H-Frame housings to integrate standard and custom X-MWblocks to configure complex signal chains in a single card. RF circuitry is typically configured on the top side of each housing and bias and control circuits are implemented on the bottom side.  Bias and control signals are routed between the RF and Control sides and to and from the backplane VITA and RT connectors.  RF and Control circuits can be combined and miniaturized as needed maximize functionality in a single card.

Flexibility to Design for Prototype or Production

“Get on the Grid” to design and optimize your signal chains using standard and custom X-MWblocks in a configurable VPX card with open housings with no internal walls.  Make RF block changes as needed until desired performance is achieved.  Add modular walls, lids and shields for isolation to optimize enclosed performance.  For production cards, use the prototype as is or combine the RF and control boards into single PCBs and customize the housings to include machined channelized RF paths.

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