Company Overview

X-Microwave offers a modular design system technology that is revolutionizing the RF and microwave industry. RF and Microwave engineers use X-MWblock® modular building blocks to rapidly evaluate, prototype, and produce high-end RF and Microwave systems faster, easier, and at lower cost. Applications include wireless infrastructure, radar, navigation, transportation, quantum computing, medical devices, test and measurement and more.

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2013 by John Richardson and Raymond Page in Austin, Texas and open for business in 2015, X-Microwave has grown to serve a wide range of customers across the RF and Microwave industry. The business began with models designed in SolidWorks and simulations using Keysight’s ADS and Genesys. The standard was defined from our home offices and prototypes were ordered. The first new piece of test equipment was a 67 GHz Keysight PNA-X. After a little persistence, we were delighted to show outstanding results to 67 GHz, well beyond our initial goal of 40 GHz. Through the support of numerous suppliers, partners, and customers the concept has matured and truly come to life. The growing team has designed-in tens, hundreds, and now thousands of RF devices across every component category. We coined and registered the trademark X-MWblocks® (‘X-Microwave Blocks”) for our Drop-In Components. With a single focus on quality and customer success, the team has continued to expand, building a full manufacturing operation in our Austin, TX office. Today we have over 4000 products, support frequencies to 95 GHz, and continue to refine the platform and expand our offering to equip RF and Microwave Engineers globally.

Looking Forward

We see endless opportunity for innovation using the X-Microwave design platform as our foundation. We’re constantly adding elements to the platform to make the design process for RF and Microwave engineers seamless to design, evaluate, prototype, and produce new products with the goal of enabling a first past design success that is faster, easier, and lower cost. Modular RF and Microwave design has arrived, but there is still a long way to go as we move up in frequency, up in power, and continue to put an increasing number of parts on the shelf. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next project so that you too can benefit from this exciting new approach.

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