The X-MWshield allows you to break up a cavity by placing a metal shield across a transmission line or at the junction between X-MWblocks. This short tutorial shows (in pictures) how to install the shield.

LPShield 1. Shield includes feet with screw holes for use standalone
DSA-Housing 2. Shield installed across continuous transmission line without an Anchor. Shields can be used on the prototyping plate or in a housing.
shield_install 3. Break off the feet when installing the shield with Anchors across the GSG jumper
shield_install3 4. The metal tabs break off cleanly
shield-nstall4 5. Install the shield over one installed anchor. Ultimately it will end up between the two anchors.
shield-install5 6. Tighten down the second anchor over the GSG Jumper, pressed firmly against the shield.
shield-install6 7. The lid press down on the top fingers of the shield. The shield is captured on all 6 sides.
overview-plate 8. This example shows the full design system with many of the elements used together at the same time.