X-Microwave is proud to be partnered with Keysight Technologies, providing X-MWBlock level models for Keysight’s Genesys EDA software. In addition to industry standard S-Parameters, our Genesys Library also takes advantage of X-Parameters and Sys-Parameters to accurately model our large selection of non-linear devices. This allows our customers to achieve accurate system simulation, saving time and cost.

Note that the Genesys library includes a subset of available X-MWblocks with X-Parameter models, S-Parameter models, and behavioral models.

Getting Started

The free online X-MWsimulator is a great starting point for performing non-linear simulations with Keysight’s Genesys EDA software. The X-MWsimulator uses Genesys under-the-hood with the same X-MW Library that installs with every copy of Genesys 2019. Users can download the Genesys Workspace file created by X-MWsimulator and open it on their own machine with Genesys. The advantage is that the workspace file is already optimized for non-linear simulation giving the user a jump start.